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Stratisphyria: Part One
There were a thousand fireflies all around us, but I wasn't looking for the fireflies.
Standing in the park, at the edge of Upper Lake, the grass was dewy under my Reeboks. I watched fish skim across under the water, their fins sweeping up fine lines of water as they leapt up and snatched the flies out of the air. The lights of the city, too, were reflected in the water, dull gold closest to the ground and further up, the purest of blues—like the sky we used to see.
My old father sat on the park bench to my side as I threw stones into the water of the lake. A woolen blanket covered his lap and his hands rested on his black cane as his watery eyes stared at the light pollution in the lake. He hadn't said a word all night, so when he finally spoke up, I listened.
"I used to look up and see stars," he said, his voice like the groaning of a tree bent by the wind. "There were so many, and they were beautiful."
I didn't turn to him, but I asked, "Where?"
My father laughed. "Here, in Str
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Aftershock: Chapter One
Chapter One
Terrible waves heaved and thrashed against the rocky cliffside, rumbling with the force of an entire ocean behind them. High above their reach, a young woman balanced on a ledge, clinging to handholds in the slate. Her heart thrummed in her chest as she watched a cascade of gravel crumble away and plunge into the sea. Falling against the rocks below would—
The young woman shook her head, willing the thought away before continuing to descend the cliffs. Her pace was hurried—she stumbled often, but she managed to recover her balance each time. It was only when she glanced down to the writhing sea that she noticed how fragile her footholds had become. The ground weakened under her weight. She tensed with fear—throwing out both arms to stop her fall—but she had already fallen. Silence assaulted her as all thoughts ceased in her mind. Fear of the fall and the sudden stop at the end of it were all that remained.
Her hands hit stone and grasped. Her right knee
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Chelsea Brooks
Artist | Literature
United States
19/Female/New England

Current Residence: Martha's Vineyard
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano
Seven pageviews before 20,000... I'm deciding to change accounts.

I've just been in this one too long. Too many favorites. Too many deviations. Too many everything.

Watch me if you want.



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Kantus12 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2011
Erm, hello. I know this is terribly sudden, but I have a request, and I heard that you are both willing to take them and good at drawing people. I need to keep my cards close to my chest for now, but let's just say that this image requires quite a lot of robes, as well as a hood and staff. I hope you read this, because to make my latest project a success, I need a picture, and there simply aren't any fitting ones online yet!

Gratefully yours, Cantus.
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